SunFX Summers Secret Tan Collection

SunFX is proud to introduce to you our brand new Summers Secret Tan Collection! If you want a gorgeous looking tan with the added benefits of hydrated and nourished skin, we believe we have created the best self-tanning sensations ever.

The Summers Secret Tan Collection includes: our new and all natural "Bronzing Mousse", our new look "Instant Spray on Tan" and our most loved Gradual Tan" lotion.


Bronzing Mousse

In conjunction with Salons, Spas and industry professionals we have achieved what we believe to be the most stunning and ONLY all natural/organic tanning mousse on the market.

Infused with only the best organic and natural ingredients; Purified Water, Aloe, Green Tea, Coconut and all-natural Eco- Certified DHA; SunFX Summers Secret Bronzing Mousse feels luxurious as it easily glides on. It is quick drying and most importantly produces a beautiful instant and natural looking tan.

It can be used as a full body tan or as a touch up between appointments at the convenience of your home. Ultra-hydrating and rich in anti-aging skin conditioners, SunFX Bronzing Mousse is sure to leave your skin with a healthy glow all year round.

Available 225 ml with pump Retail Price - € 26,50 Buy Online >

Instant Spray-On Tan

There has never been an at home spray tan easier to use than Summers Secret Instant Spray-On Tan. Get all the results of a salon quality tan at the touch of your fingers in the comfort of your home.

The same micro-mist technology from the SunFX industry leading award winning equipment is applied to our Instant Spray-On Tan. The unique delivery system means that you can easily reach those hard to access places with proper coverage and no mess. It even sprays upside down!

Now even a novice can create their own salon quality gorgeous tan, or extend their current spray tan quickly and easily with minimal fuss and effort. It is no wonder that Summers Secret Instant Spray On Tan is one of Australia's most popular self-tanning aerosol products.

Temporary not Available 200 ml Retail Price - € 34.50 Buy Online >

Gradual Tan

Summers Secret Gradual Tan lotion develops a gradual, beautiful and completely natural looking tan over just a few days.

Summers Secret lotion is also perfect for extending the life of a salon spray tan. Abundantly rich with vitamins and skin nourishing agents, it hydrates the skin and slows down the natural exfoliation process to build a long lasting, natural glowing tan while leaving your skin feeling wonderfully smooth and soft.

Unlike over the counter lotions, Summers Secret is tan safe and will give you the subtle color that will fool the harshest critics.

Available 200 ml with pump Retail price € 26.50 Buy Online >

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